Come and join a truly exciting cruise holiday with Live India Tours that takes you to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. The floating luxury cruise, replete with every thinkable activity and entertainment you can find, take you to some of the world’s best-kept hideaways and tourist destinations minus the fatigue of travelling by air or road. Though the very mention of a cruise sets us imagining a honeymoon couple, now a days, cruise ships with entertainment provisions for children have made the dream of a complete family vacation on the seas come true! Besides, cruises can be a wonderful rekindle-the-old-flame tour for couples bonded in matrimony for years! Conference arrangements for the corporate make business, leisure, and team-building program possible right on the sea.

With Live India Tours, you can expect to experience the best Cruise Holidays. Take a look at the onboard activities and the tour packages on offer.

Do you dream of a holiday where we will pamper and spoil you, where you'll be sure to find the sheer luxury of relaxing and recovering the harmony of body and mind? Come and experience a wonderful world centred around you!

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